Advertising and Marketing
We take pride in finding the most suitable tenants for your investment property. We start the process by photographing your property and all its unique qualities. We have multiple avenues of marketing available to us to advertise your home including social media, our website, and MLS.

Tenant Screening
All our tenants go through an intensive application process to ensure we have found the best fit for your home. This will allow us access to two references, verification of income as well as optional credit checks. Once the application has been accessed, the qualifying applications would be forwarded to you for final approval. 

Once an application has been approved, a lease will be created with the damage deposit and first month's rent collected. While our lease agreement is in coordination with the Residential Tenancy Act, additional stipulations may be added at your request to which the tenants must adhere. 

Rental Revenue Collection
We will collect the monthly rental revenue on the 1st of every month in which Our accounts payable department will then deduct our monthly management fee and forward along your monthly payment to be deposited automatically. If accounts become delinquent, our property manager will discuss corrective actions with you and manage the situation quickly and efficiently. 

Our property manager(s) will tend to all tenant related issues on your behalf, including but not limited to; complaints, concerns, maintenance and attendance of any legal proceedings. Our Property manager will receive, asses, and delegate all maintenance requests and complete all invoicing accordingly, while protecting your bottom line.

Property Inspections
The first inspection will occur when a new tenant moves into your property. You can then decide how frequently an inspection will occur. A formal inspection will occur once again when a tenant moves out of the property. Each inspection will include a detailed report as well as photographs, and can be provided at your request. 
When a tenant moves out of the rental property, their move in/out inspections and photographs will be compared to determine if any damage may have been caused to your property during the tenancy period, so that appropriate action can be taken. 

Property Maintenance
We have a 24-hour emergency line ready to handle any maintenance issues that arrive at your rental property! All maintenance requests will first be accessed by an inhouse maintenance technician who will then advise you of the required steps to resolve the issue. We work closely with third party contractors for issues which require specialty services to ensure they are taken care of in a timely manner.